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You Have Been Removing Your Eye Makeup Wrong All This Time – See How


Imagine getting home after a late-night party, what is the next thing you want to do after getting dressed for bed? Well, obviously, you wish to jump amidst the inviting cushions and soft pillows of your bed once you’re done scrubbing away your face and eye makeup. Thus, you proceed at your heavily made up eyes with the harshness which is similar to a middle school cyber bully.

Today we will discuss some expert recommendations regarding how you have been doing your makeup removal drill all wrong coupled with the right way to take it off before going for your beauty slumber.

  • Irritation and redness in eyes can crop up as a direct result of rubbing them too harshly which finally leads to flaking, increased dryness and formation of fine lines over time. You need to understand that exerting extra pressure won’t make your makeup removal easier and you would require approximately the same amount of time otherwise.

You can soak a cotton pad in dual-phase eye makeup remover and wipe it over your eyes gently to remove even the most stubborn linings of makeup at one single go. These hybrid eye makeup removers contain an expert blend of oil and water where the oil content aids in breaking down your makeup and lifting it off your skin and eyelashes. It also imparts heavy conditioning to your eyelashes at the same time.

  • Using classic face washes for removing eye makeup might lead to extreme dryness of the skin surrounding your eye region. These washes which lather and suds up a lot can finally lead to lichenification where the skin looks leathery and lined. As a result, you won’t be satisfied with your look whenever you put on eye shadows and the same catches in all the nooks and crannies rather than depositing evenly.

As an alternative you should opt for the best eye makeup remover wipes which are gentle and moisturizing along with the right amount of removing liquid which is rich in hydrating agents like that of panthenol.

  • While creating the perfect cat-eye look requires utmost precision, we rarely give much thought during removal of the same as we move back and forth over our eyes with a cotton pad. But in reality, removal of eye makeup is as much crucial as its application in the first place. Running a cotton pad harshly over your eyes can cause your eye lashes to fall off and even irritate the surrounding skin.

As a potent alternative, you should swipe gently across your lash line while moving outwards from the inner corner of your eyes. Next you need to make short downward motions from the inner corner of your eye following your lashes until you reach the outer corner. If you follow this tip correctly, then you won’t be required to swipe underneath the eyes since eye makeup gets removed both from upper and lower lashes at the same time. Women often make the mistake of opening up their eyes, tilting back their head and trying to get to the underside of lashes coupled with a cotton pad. This can prove out to be extremely dangerous as the cotton fiber can inside your eyes and cause irritation.

  • Although the oil-water eye makeup remover combo have been accredited for imparting adequate moisturisation and making your skin feel clean and fresh, some of them are infamous for leaving behind a thin residue. Chances are high that you are not cleaning this residue. Thus, top dermatologists suggest cleansing your face once you are done with the removal of eye makeup.

If you wish to clean just a portion of your smudged makeup, then you can dip one side of a cotton swab in the eye makeup remover to clean the smudged region. Follow this up by dipping the clean side in micellar water to wipe off any oily residue and prevent chances of smudging the makeup you are about to put on.

  • Your cotton pad becomes filled with gunk right since the very first swipe over your eyes. Thus, you will just end up redepositing the removed makeup if you use it time and again. However, you do not actually need a whole stack of cotton pads for cleansing your eyes. You can just use the full pad for wiping across your eye and fold the clean side into half. If your eyes demand further cleaning, you should fold the pad into quarters and use the clean portion to benefit out of the power of four swipes in just one wipe.
  • The above-mentioned advice holds true only if you are cleansing your eyes in the same day and not when you are using the flip side of a dirty cotton pad in the next night’s cleansing ritual. Dermatologists hold the view that cotton pads can harbour bacteria over time and the same can get inside your eyes if used once again. Thus, it is always advisable to start with a clean slate for the sake of your beauty and health.
  • While you are being super-focused on removing that stunning smoky eyes, chances are high that you forget totally about your brows. The wax-based eye pencils of modern days grab tightly onto your brow hairs and you require a hybrid eye makeup remover for fully getting it off.
  • Your face scrub might prove to be taxing on the delicate skin surrounding your eyes causing blood vessels to break which can finally lead to infection. Thus, the trick remains to keep it as gentler as possible both with the composition and application of the best eye makeup removers available in the market.

Did you know that treating your sensitive skin around the eyes harshly can wreak havoc in its underlying cells and tissues! Compared to the rest of your skin, the one lining your eyes is much more delicate and fragile which makes it mandatory to handle the same with greater care.

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