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There are many consumers who become a victim of consumer fraud and online fraud cases. This is why because they are not aware of the things which are important for them in their daily life. These things are important for all shoppers or customer who are going to purchase goods or products from the company or the seller. Most of the time consumer not interested to buy a product but they purchased goods because the seller generates a fake interest in consumer mind and create pressure by its own marketing or selling techniques and finally consumer buy product from the seller under that pressure.

When a customer moves back to their home and realize that product is not suitable for him/her and face lots of problems then they want to get quick solution for their complaint. They start looking for a replacement of product, refund and return from the seller. In this situation, they move to online consumer complaint forum. These forums help to resolve consumer complaints quickly and provide an appropriate solution for consumer disputes. But, we can protect himself/herself from such disputes or consumer problems by knowing following things which are given as below:

1. Before going to shop you need to decide which product you want to want and you must have an answer of this question “are you able to afford the cost of the product or services?”

2. You need to gather some information before buying any product or services. You can take information from your friends and your family members.

3. Protect yourself from misguided information, don’t do any shopping under any pressure. If you think you are bit confused then take relax and take your time to understand the product features and quality.

4. If you decided to purchase a product then do some research about your product online, check reviews of the product and decided which company best for your requirement.

5. If you are not aware of the company then take help of online consumer complaint website where you can check the complaints related to your companies. These online consumer complaints forum are exact platforms to check the reliability of the company. As we know that nothing perfect but having lots of complaints against brands on complaint forum then it is a noticeable point and you need to consider it before purchase goods or services.

6. Get complete information about return and replacement policies. If the product is not as good as promised before selling what action will be taken by the company.

7. Check the warranty period of the product and confirm all aspects of warranty most of the time, in electronic goods damage will not be considered in warranty and company charge extra amount to repair the product.

8. If you got any disputes with product or services then feel free to ask company or contact customer support.

9. If your product or services include any legal documents then take those documents or emails or take a photocopy of each important document.

10. The most important thing you need to check the expiry date before buy or take any product.

If you still face any dispute with consumer companies then don’t hesitate to move consumer court or consumer. These are the final destination where you can resolve your consumer grievance under consumer protection law. Here all consumer rights are protected under consumer protection Act 1986. You can also take help of online consumer complaint forum like Voxya to file complaint online and get resolve your complaints quickly with an optimal solution.

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