How to Update Bedroom with Small Budget

Want to update your bedroom but fear to have a small budget? Your wishes can be fulfilled even with a small budget. All you need to do is tactfully choose the wall artwork, decorative cushions and throws, modern furniture, and designer lighting. Here are some ideas to decorate your bedroom with a small budget.

Decorative Cushion and throws

Try to keep your wall colors neutral and light so that you can play with bold color cushions and throws. Purchasing decorative cushions and throws online is a good idea. You can get same things at discounted prices when purchasing online. Use furry throws in winters and cotton throws in summer to block your look according to the weather. Throws give a luxurious look to your room. Make sure cushions and throws do not clutter the bed and there is ample space left for you to sit on the bed. Mix and match colors to create vibrancy in the bedroom.

Cotton Duvet Cover

You can go for Cotton Duvet covers which provide an elegant and finished look to your bedding. Duvet gives more warmth to your bed sheet/comforter. Adding cotton duvet covers will make the bedroom look bold and welcoming after an exhausting day at work. Instead of buying new bed linens every season go in for duvet covers. You can easily change duvet covers every month to change the look of your bedroom.


Replace your side table handles with attractive and stylish ones to add a dash to your side table or bed lamp table. Making small changes like these adds freshness and value to your bedroom.


You can also go in for bed-backs that are attached to the wall. This will create a sleek look to your bed. Bed-Backs and bed are the focal points in your bedroom. They will tell a story about you. Always make them as attractive as you can. There are a lot of designs available online. You can even use this space smartly by putting up a false wall to give a unique look.

Designer Pillowcases

Use designer pillowcases that add color and jazziness to your room. You can choose from bold single colored pillowcases to multicolored or sequenced pillowcases depending on your taste. Pillowcases play an important role as they add personality to the room.

Modern Stylish Rugs

Rugs make the room look bigger and it can be placed under the bed and can be used to cover another furniture piece. You can choose a rug according to your theme or décor of the room.

Contemporary Wall Artwork

Choosing perfect wall artwork is the must for your room. Wisely choose your wall artwork that compliments your wall color and the furniture. Choose wall artwork, which is stylish and adds a luxury or royal feeling to the room. Wall artworks create a good impression for the bedroom. You can also put up the college of your photographs as wall arts. According to Vastu, you should place your happy photographs in your bedroom only.

For the Solitude Place

You can bring out the liveliness of the solitude corner in your bedroom by adding wallpaper or textured wall. This draws the attention to the color and nobody will notice the place even if it is bare.


Flowers are often used to add freshness to the room.  You can use both fresh and artificial flowers in your bedroom according to your budget. You can also use room plants that last long and provide constant oxygen in the room even when the windows are closed.

Designer Lighting

The most important thing in a bedroom is lighting. The look of the room depends on the lighting of a room. There should be sufficient lighting in the room so that you can enjoy reading your favorite book at night before going to bed. You can check out options for fluorescent lighting that is more environmentally friendly. Nowadays, you can shop for designer and affordable lighting online. There are a lot of options available while buying designer lighting online. You can also add a chandelier in the bedroom if you have space and room size is big enough to accommodate a chandelier.


Curtains on windows of a room give an elegant look to the bedroom. You can create a statement by changing your curtains to a jazzier one. Use solid pattern curtains or designer curtains.  Do not use heavy curtains that block sunlight coming into the room.

Modern Furniture

Don’t overload your bedroom with huge and big furniture, use what is required. Remove all the non-usable furniture from your bedroom. Make space for smart and multi-use furniture. You can find the best deals and modern furniture online, it is less expensive.

Contemporary Wall Mirrors

Designer mirrors look amazing and add a touch of glamour to your existing décor. Mirrors mark a statement for your bedroom. Place the mirror strategically so that it makes the room look bigger and brighter. Mirrors reflect light thus making the bedroom look wider and bigger. You can even place mirrors on the closet door to utilize space effectively in your bedroom. Make sure mirror frames are attractive.


Adding a canopy to your bed will create a different look. It will be more romantic to have a canopy along with dim lighting in the bedroom. A canopy can be attached with a ring on the ceiling. A canopy can be in any cloth material and color that compliments the entire room décor.

If you don’t have the budget for expensive things available in the market or online, you can do a DIY makeover for your bedroom. You can also replace furniture from one room with another. Also, the same can be done with wall artwork and décor items. Updating your bedroom doesn’t mean revamping everything even the slightest change will create an impact in the look of the room.

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