How to Dress for Different Occasions?

Fashion is an ever loving thing. Obviously, women can’t dress the same today as they were dressed yesterday.The etiquette of fashion evolves actually. Some of the trends come and go, while others go fast and there are some reasons behind it. It has also seen that some of the trends become traditions. Like, western bride has the only color of white, that suits her and if the bride is eastern, she goes for only red color. However, there are many occasions where we need to dress up greatly an according to the occasions, so the most importantly is to have the knowledge on how to dress accurately.

Following are some guidelines that will surely help you in knowing about your standards of wearing.

What to wear at Cocktail party?

The name is showing and obviously you have to wear a cocktail dress. Don’t you think it includes in the old etiquette of fashion. Yes, the cocktail dresses are always in style, but according to the need of time, you may have many other options to follow. So, what to wear?

The theme of cocktail parties has been changed now. These may be of any swanky society affair or a group of friends gathered around a platter of crudités. So, cocktail parties are more of a casual dress, and less of a skirt and top. Fancy heels, tailored pants or fancy flats, all are good fit to go with cocktail party. But, don’t go with too much casuals like jersey, chino and denim.

Other than it, fitted cashmere or a fine-gauge merino-wool top with a knee-length skirt, earrings and bangles are just the right things for such party. Keep holding on it, until you feel it has a corporate appearance. Further, if you want a feminine look, you can wear a silky camisole top with an armful of stacked bangles.

What to wear at Dinner Party?

A dress that shows elegance with style is the most preferable dress to be worn at dinner party. For this, a little black dress may be the great choice. The fashion etiquettes have been changed from it. Now, you have to consider many things. First of all, see what is the time of year it is? Is it your special occasion? Who is the host? Be tricky in getting the answers.If you become undressed, there is a chance that you will lose the interest of your dinner companion. Opting for denim may be the great choice in this regard. Along with, you can wear some dangly earrings or a pretty scarf that must be in your bag.

Other than it, you may go with many style and design. Sneakers with a skirt and shirt may also be the great option for a perfect dinner party. These days, it has become a completely fashionable thing that can be followed in this modern era. Not, only it will give you a new looks, but the style amalgamated in it will work better for mesmerizing your partner.

What to wear at A Business Dinner or a Company Party?

Keep things professional in a line of a business dinner or a company party is good to go with. Dressing for a work function with white shirts means to show the culture of your office. So, if there is a conservative environment, dress exactly. Avoid wearing something relaxed or comfy, no matter the environment is like that. Further, don’t wear such dress that is too-revealing. It will just show you as a non-serious employee.

Office wear will work, if there is a business dinner. Say, a blouse with blazer or a refined sweater with a trouser. If you have to go to a work party direct from your office, wrap a dress in a dark shade or try sheath. Wear a casual suit and bring along appropriate evening shoes with you. You could also wear some chunky jewelry or a necklace of pearls. For the company picnic, choose a short-sleeve top, a knee-length short or a sundress with comfortable sandals. Don’t go for frayed, ripped or strapless.


To understand dress codes is necessary, but these dress codes could not apply to all events. So, choose them wisely according to your profession.Traditional dresses are always the best option to go with, and have taken the rooted foothold in our society. Your wardrobe is full with fashion designer dresses, but if you have not clear understanding or knowledge of dressing code, it will not include in an interesting wardrobe.

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