How Do Insulated Cooler Bags Work?

Remember carrying along with those humongous chunky heavy ice buckets and chests on picnics just so you could drink your chilled drinks and cold sandwiches? Although individuals still use it those cool kegs to date, you don’t have to! Not anymore! The market is now crowded with many types of insulated cooler bags, but how exactly does it work? Have you ever wondered? Here’s how!

The History

The above-mentioned ice chest/keg used previously was created out of galvanized metal, and then, later on, they were made with high-quality hard plastic. The hard plastic exterior comprises of double layers of plastic with styrofoam in between those two layers, which worked as an insulator that keeps all items within the container – cool. Even today, most ice bags are made with the same concept.

Back then, styrofoam worked as an apt insulator with a good amount of thickness that could maintain the internal temperature of the container over a long period. The design, however, failed from the practicality perspective when it comes to portability and weight. To add to that, styrofoam can get broken or ripped easily, which is why there was a heavy layer of hard plastic around it to protect it from breakage. This added to the overall weight of the container.

Current Technology

On the contrary, insulated cooler bags are not as heavy or rigid in comparison. They are made out of heavy, insulated, but flexible fabrics, such as polyester. On the inside of the cooler bag, it is lined with heavy-duty foil material and various layers of foam. This foam is thin but very flexible and dense, which allows room for maximum allowability for temperature control inside. It keeps the temperature-controlled several hours, making it the perfect combination of insulation and portability, convenient for transport. Hence, it is also used by delivery services by large scale food franchises and small scale food shops as well. Since the material required to manufacture these bags are not scarce or heavy to transport, they can be manufactured on a large scale, with the least cost and in a variety of sizes.

Benefits of Using Insulated Cooler Bags

  1. Eco-Friendly: If we look back at the predecessors of the insulated cooler bags, they were heavy and made from hard plastic. Plastic is one of the major reasons our environment is facing many problems. You can reuse these insulated cooler bags for a long while, and it’s proven to be environmentally friendly as well. They are easy to care for and can handle rough usage.
  2. Spillage Proof: They can be used as a way to carry and preserve food that is sealed away until the time of use. Their heavy insulation properties keep the food spill-proof.
  3. Versatility: They come in various sizes, shapes, and colors according to the needs of those who use it. The versatility in the availability of these insulation cooler bags makes it far more preferred over the predecessor – ice chest.

This sums up the technology, history, and benefits of how an insulated cooler bag work.

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