7 Guy’s Friendly Closet Ideas to Dress up Smartly This Year

A lot of guys make the resolution to dress up smartly throughout the year. But with the passage of time majority of guys fails to fulfill their resolution due to lack of closet ideas. As fashion is a fickle thing it is imperative for every guy to stay updated regarding the trendy dressing styles.

Therefore in this post, we will share closet ideas that will make you dress up smartly. From friends or family events to official occasion, there are numerous closet ideas that you can learn to hog the spotlight

Have a look at the closet ideas shared below to stock up a couple of stylish essentials in your wardrobe.

  1. Slouchy Trench Coat

A slouchy trench coat is the easily justifiable option to look smart in any event. No matter you are going to attend a friend’s birthday party or official meeting, by wearing slouchy trench coat you could quickly come up with a classy look.

Moreover, the slouchy trench coat will keep you protected in the harsh environment especially during snowfall or rainy season. Try to wear it with a logo embroidered cap to gear up for the party time in a stylish manner.

  1. Dark Shade Denim Jacket

When it comes to purchasing a jacket, a dark shade denim jacket is the perfect choice for all those guys that plan to dress up smartly. In case you very often plan to party with friends then you should invest in a dark shade denim jacket.

A dark shade denim jacket is also a guy’s most appropriate essential to hang around on a bike with friends. When you will wear a dark shade denim jeans while riding your bike you will not only look stylish but also stay warm. Thus, add a zipped, open or buttoned denim jacket, to stand out from the crowd.

  1. Indigo Slim Fit Jeans

Suffice to say that Indigo Slim-Fit Jeans is a flattering alternative to a straight leg. If you don’t like super skinny fit jeans then this is the right time to stock up indigo slim fit jeans at the beginning of the New Year.

By adding indigo slim fit jeans you can easily dress up smartly throughout the year. This is because indigo slim fit jeans could easily pair up with an embroidered shirt or any type of stylish upper. Ensure to purchase indigo slim fit jeans in light shades to easily wear it with your preexisting wardrobe essential.

  1. Smart Black Shoes

Believe it or not, smart black shoes are the most appropriate essential to wear throughout the year.  It is important for every guy to invest in smart black shoes to easily incorporate it in with any dress. Therefore, this year, ensure to add a stylish pair of black shoes in your closet to wear it on every occasion.

A pair of black shoes would not only look sophisticated but also enhance your personality in front of your friends and associates. In case you do not feel comfortable with traditional style shoes, then New Year is the best time to make a habit of wearing something new to upgrade your style.

  1. Knit Ties

It is observed that a lot of guys are unaware of knit ties and ultimately fails to come forward with a unique and smart look at the party time. As the knit ties are becoming popular day by day it is essential for you to add this in your closet. A knit tie is the right option to wear in the winter season especially in the midnight occasions to warm.

Whether you are planning to attend a friend’s event or official seminar, you can wear a knit tie to look smart. Do keep in mind to fill up different colors of a knit tie in your closet that look perfect with your wardrobe dresses.

  1. Tortoiseshell Sunglasses

A stylish tortoiseshell sunglass is the best essential for men to look smart on any occasion. Be it a friend’s party or official meetings ensure to wear a tortoiseshell sunglass to reflect in the eyes of every passerby. According to survey glasses changes from man to man so ensure to choose one that fits with your face shape.

Make sure to add some pairs of mart looking tortoiseshell sunglasses in your wardrobe to reflect its features in your personality.

  1. Smart Watch

In the present time, a great number of smart watches are available in every store that you wear to look smart on an occasion. No matter it is raining outside or snowing, you can wear a smart watch to showcase your style in front of everyone. Try to purchase a black color smart watch to easily wear it with any color outfit.

In the end, it could be stated now that the provided ideas are best for guys who want to look smart throughout the year.

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