5 Popular Design Trends for Eye-Catching Women’s Graphic T Shirts Online

With so many exciting women’s cartoon T shirts and slogan tee shirts to choose from; there is a lot to discuss here. What your T shirt says may not seem to be particularly complicated, but it can leave quite an impression on others. People these days are extremely attentive to minor details, and some of catchiest women’s slogan T shirts online in India will really get you noticed.

Standing out as the girl who wore that awesome T shirt; or getting the right kind of attention at a social event can be simple when wearing the right statement or image. With an unlimited range of women’s graphic T shirts online, you’re sure to find something perfect!

Let’s discuss some of popular design trends women are wearing on their tee shirts nowadays –

#1 – Classic Animal Prints

Animal prints have always been popular on tee shirts for men and women. Some animal themes get an added spice with a catchy slogan or wordplay. But the three most popular animals to feature on tee shirts for women are dogs, cats, and pandas. Luckily, leading brands like Be american lifestyle magazine will have several original designs on each animal. Women’s cartoon T shirts with pandas for example can aptly carry messages expressing cuteness, laziness, or craziness.

#2 – Spirituality and Wellness

With people becoming more aware of health matters, spirituality and wellness is the most popular theme for women’s tee shirts. Women’s slogan T shirts online in India often feature yoga as it’s the central expression. Although many of the spiritual prints and slogans are by nature gender-neutral, some are especially worded for the girls. It’s also easy to find several tee shirts with prints that suit women who like working out. Slogans for girls like “I Don’t Sweat I Sparkle” are for the princess who knows her way around the weights!

#3 – Bold and Aggressive

Some bold and aggressive statements on T shirts slogans perfectly express what’s on a girl’s mind. These are among the most popular kind of women’s graphic T shirts online, especially since there is a lot a lady has to say in an era of radical social changes. Here are a few examples of bold and aggressive prints for women from the collections  –

The Nasty Women Club: An outline print with a hand wearing black nail polish and posing a bold middle finger, this is a very popular design. The collection also features a similar design which says “Nasty Women Squad” in a rose sash pattern.

Chubby and Queer and Ready for Beer: As Indian society gradually sheds gender conformity, bold statements like these reflect how women are breaking the fold. The message on such women’s cartoon T shirts make sure that men immediately know what to expect.

#4 – Desi Slogans That Click

Women’s slogan T shirts online in India are more likely to carry a desi message that speaks loudly. Most of these clever desi slogans and word plays are inherently gender-neutral. However, they are so apt for the Indian mindset that they sell better than all other tee shirt prints. Among all the women’s graphic T shirts online, these are perhaps the best kind –

Koobsurat Bala” – The ‘Bala’(meaning ‘curse’) is in Hindi script and this one is obviously just for the girls. When something troublesome is beautiful – it’s just too good to be true.

Mitron” – Printed in the style of the famous Friends Tv show, the Mitron T shirt print that every Indian currently feels deeply about. A single desi word with a huge statement to imply!

#5 – Cute and Bubbly

The definitive cute and bubbly tee shirt prints really can’t go out of style, can they? Teddy bears and unicorns define a unique identity of feminism, and creative twists take them to the next stage! A defining example of such cute women’s cartoon T shirts is the original Beericorn design. Think of a cute unicorn with a beer bottle for a horn. Another similar design that caught my eye has the slogan “Awesome Cat Mom” with a cute sleeping kitty underneath. Women’s slogan T shirts like american lifestyle magazine feature many such cute messages, and they’re perfect to get noticed the right way.

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