20 Affordable Summer DIY Projects That Any Crafty Lady Can Make

Summer vacations? Not sure how to get your time passed with your children cranking over your head? Well, halfworth.com is here to guide you – the best approach is to occupy your time and save money as well. So, Half Worth has some great ideas that you may adapt to get your summer break over in a fun and easy on budget way.

Crafting – The perfect solution of getting yourself and your kids engaged like Create a summer banner, rainbow effect fan, fruit fans craft, DIY Rope ottomans, Donut Floppy Hat, Beach Towel Tote Bag, Homemade sunscreen, Patio cooler, portable air conditioner, DIY Macrame Hammock, Comfy pillow Bag and many more. This way you can have your family time along with some amazing and useful crafts.

DIY Paper Umbrella Wreath

What is better than making stuff yourself that you can hang and display around your house to make it look even more beautiful. Cocktail umbrella wreath will decorate the corner of your room with colors and positivity. Plus, it’s a piece of cake to make – what else does one want?

Just grab a foam wreath base and paper umbrellas. Get yourself a cup of coffee and enjoy crafting something for your own home.

Fashionable Handmade Flip-Flops

Want to hit the beach soon? Forgot to grab your new flip-flops from the market? Well, here’s good news! You can make it on your own. It’s one of the comfiest and in fashion stuff that you can grab onto.

So just grab a pair of your old flip-flops, some yarn and your creative mind. And turn those old flip-flops into your new beachy ones.

Affordable Mini Water Blobs

Get your kids busy in having fun – it’s their vacations after all! Make them a slippy and comfy slide which they can have around on their back while have water fun! Just get hold on some see through plastic sheeting so your kid can enjoy the view of it, pick up some duct tape, tissue paper and an iron. Make it fun for your little one.

Homemade Summer Candles

This is where your family time pays off! Had a beach day earlier? Then surely you would’ve collected some of those unique and shelly seashells. Now you’re about to make something really creative out of it.

Making homemade candles out of those seashells is a piece of art you can show off to your friends at tea party!

Colorful Picnic Blanket

Enjoy your summer out on the beach with your family and have a good time. Go out for a relaxing afternoon at a park and get your stuff packed with food and sheets to make it a day. Looking for a sheet? Well just pick any of your old ones, grab your kids paint and make it one of a beautiful painted blanket to use on a picnic. This shows you care for your family.

DIY Seashell Wind Chime

Get your seashells collection out, hang them out on a stick with a thread attached to it. Hang it on your door to listen to the soothing voice of your hand made wind chime.

DIY Pineapple Platter

Hold a mason jar, your paint palette, a sharpie and a pot. There you go with a beautiful piece of décor for your own home.

Hula Hoop Hideouts

Make your little one feel like a princess! Make her very own Hula Hoop Hideout with multiple drapes of funky colors.

Outdoor Lounge

Going to shop for an outdoor lounge? Well there’s no need of it. Grab your kids swimming pool, let them have the water fun first. Then as you dry the pool, fill it with cute blankets and pillows, along with your kid’s favorite stuff toy, and books and snacks for your family. Give your kid the toy and snacks, and get comfy with your spouse and have a good read.

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